Hello, I am Jesse Cahn-Thompson. I try to make complicated things simpler with art. Some ways I have done this are by designing alternative sensory experiences for information, like turning social media data into perfume with 'artificial intelligence', and using minute-to-minute molecular changes in air quality to compose slow music. I like the tension between the seen and unseen and am curious about how to embody the disembodied. The relationship between physical and digital space is a recurring theme in my work. I hope to make the black box of online technology more accessible to empower and promote agency in an increasingly complex world.

Past projects include work with the Processing Foundation and the David Lynch Foundation; under-resourced communities such as urban youth and the homeless; exhibitions at the Royal College of Art, 202 Gallery at Central Saint Martins, Big Medium Gallery, Crisp-Ellert Art Museum at Flagler College, and the Hunter Museum of Contemporary Art; performances at the Royal Academy of Arts, J. Paul Getty Museum as well as Green Man, Bestival, End of the Road, Benicà€ssim, Sasquatch!, and Isle of Wight festivals; and music collaborations with Vogue Paris. You can read more on my CV.

I am currently studying in the Information Experience Design programme at the Royal College of Art in London. I love meeting new, like-minded people, so please send me a note :) jesse@s01e01.xyz