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A survey and reflection on current online platforms and networks that are governed and/or inspired by natural systems and phenomenon. These approaches beautifully embody imperfection and offer alternatives for what a different kind of connectivity could feel like.

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This began as a listening journal (ongoing) and expanded into field recoring, sound and digital instrument design, and a performance at Straffordire St. Studios, Peckham, London. The first "Oakestra" song was released as part of Workshouse Rising #1 compilation. This tree song (featuring sneaky fox, grumpy woodpigeon, baby robin, summer leaves, branches, ground twigs, canopy raindrops and trunk rivulets) was originally recorded and composed alongside the old english oak tree orchestrating life in the garden behind my apartment in south London. The samples were taken from one rainy night in early summer that I captured with a remote sensor. With the exception of some light applied harmonics, every sound comes from the oak and the life in and around it.

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A participatory audio visual installation at St John on Bethnal Green. Visitors left short audio recordings to loop and cycle as wishes and confessions, echoing throughout the evening at the entry to the nave. Created with Touchdesigner and Ableton Live. Part of a White Noise event.

I contributed a song (as Tommy Toussaint), co-curated, and performed at Iklectik (London) alonside Susan Atwill for the launch for the Degredation compilation album via White Noise. The album was the result of an open call for audio works responding to the theme of degradation, the process in which the beauty or quality is destroyed or spoiled.

Polisonics was an Royal College of Art platform for sound practice and research aimed at growing a community of sound practitioners whose work engages with the socio-politics of sound and listening through activities such as performances, interventions, listenings, workshops, publications, lectures and beyond. I created the inital website, co-organised the launch event at Iklectik in London, and co-designed the audio/video flier.

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Alongside Lauren Lee McCarthy, I programmed this "AI-assisted" online art project for Sundance Film Festival, created by Lauren McCarthy, Tony Patrick, Grace Lee. Beyond the Breakdown begins with our 2020 system collapse to forge a new process for world-building. In this online experience, participants are guided to imagine alternate narratives for our near-future reality, cultivating a collaborative space for self-reflection and renewal.

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The first p5.js Contributors Zine publication! Content from the community is accompanied by essays by Casey Reas, Taeyoon Choi, Aren Davey, Claire Ferrari, Xin Xin, and others. Designed by Stefanie Tam with accompanying illustrations by Alice M. Chung. Assistant editing by Jesse Thompson, and editing by Lauren Lee McCarthy.

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