Not Just A...

04/05/18, Central Saint Martins, C202 Artists: Studio Above and Bellow (Daria Jelonek & Perry-James Sturgen); Jesse Cahn-Thompson; Holly Meek; Wei Prior; Erik Lintunen & Lucie Štěpánková; Wednesday Kim.
Curated by: Maria Jané and Elizabeth Aisher; Elvira Garcia (Co-Curator);.
Designed by: Tyler Wei Prior

Faced with a world where data and technology act as guardians of our experience, and concepts of sociology are prolifically debated, the fourth instalment of 202’s pop-exhibition series MAPS questioned the way in which we might meaningfully engage with our environment.

Upload, tether, deploy, connect, send, submit... {

Technically, these are all words that both mimic and replace older etymologies in relation to the material and physical structures built by humans to navigate in-between spaces. In the same way that doorways and tunnels assist the transition, these operate as metaphysical portals into wider, broader, untouched premises.

Cutting across disciplines, ranging from live sound performance to interactive installations, the artists in this exhibition venture to reframe notions of spirituality by aurally capturing the immateriality of the art object beyond sonic and poetic mediums. Reflecting on the post-digital, the exhibition observes what our digital milieu looks like today, questioning how we might envision and renew our collective experiences amongst new technological realities. }
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what does the virtual abyss sound like? is there music in data processing? created originally forMAPS gallery 202 at central saint martins in london, not just a... synthesises personal text messages into sound and pixels, transforming a virtual exchange into a new kind of sensory experience, live with Processing software.

the harmonics between the human and computer voice are extracted as midi tracks and serve as a score for the mystery of the virtual realm.

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